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All the Essentials in Canberra

Our products and services, described below, have been carefully thought out to be the best fit for the pet lifestyle.

From the softest bedding to help your animal sleep to the outfit that will make your dog gorgeous and stylish – at Woofy and Whiskers, we’ve got a little something for everyone, and in today’s article, we’ll be taking a stroll through several different sections that may well apply to you.

Comfy Beds for Cats and Dogs: Ensuring Restful Nights

Your pet deserves to dream the sweetest of dreams, and we here at Woofy and Whiskers offer an extraordinary assortment of beds to suit your pet and your style.

Without cat beds and accessories, a cat-friendly home would not be a cat-friendly home. A proper cat bed offers a cosy, warm place for your cat to rest and relax.

Treat Them…Why Not?

A cat owner should purchase what his or her cat needs, whether it's a plush sofa for a cat to lounge on or a hidden cat house where the cat can take refuge. Aside from beds, a family that owns a cat should also have some accessories available, such as scratch posts, play centers and cat trees. 

These accessories allow cats to train in their paws. Like many other animals, cats also love to scratch on something with a medium to rough texture. Since scratching is part of their nature, having these products around can keep cats active and healthy. 

These items can also be bought to replace the furniture from too much use and destruction by cats. Things that can be hard to destroy, such as tree trunks, make for a great scratching area. 

Providing scratch posts and trees can significantly reduce the amount of furniture damage. When buying cat beds and accessories, it is essential to consider not only the cat's needs but also the style to seamlessly fit into the home environment and the consideration of the cat's needs.

Just as a harness is essential for large breeds for walking, a large dog bed is an essential component of the home for recuperation in all breed types after exercise. A comfy cat bed is essential for the same reasons.

Harnessing Style and Safety: The Perfect Blend

We all love our pets, and parents and dog owners convert their feelings of love and care into equipping them with accessories mainly meant for comfort and safety.

Unlike slipping a collar around a dog's neck, harnesses wrap around the dog's body, distributing the leash pressure evenly over the chest and back. This purpose is to prevent dogs from choking or injuring their necks during walks or training sessions.

Sourcing Quality

All our harnesses feature style and security guaranteed at a great price. Colours and patterns – Elegant tweed or plain coloured, there’s plenty to choose from. And quick-release buckles and adjustable straps mean that style won’t compromise security.

While the right harness can be fashionable for dog attire and accessories, it should always be functional. Simply, it needs to fit well and free the dog to move while allowing the owner to control the dog. 

This is especially true for military harnesses and leashes for dogs, which are developed and constructed for endurance and high performance in demanding conditions.

More Than Just a Harness

A quality dog harness is essential. Not only can it help prevent injury to your dog’s physical well-being, but it also enhances their overall wellness and quality of life by permitting them to explore the world around them. 

A highly functional harness that is both comfortable for them and precise in fit (regardless of cross-country hiking or a simple stroll down the road, there’s a harness for every pet).

Fashion and Accessories: Dressing the Trendsetting Pet

We’re pleased to offer you fashionable clothing made of recyclable materials or an eco-line for the purpose of industry-wide environmental sustainability measures … all while squeezing in a fashion statement for your pet.

In a pet world where fashion now plays a major role, we are always on the lookout to find new products that will make your pet the one to look out for. 

Treat Dispensing Dog Toys

Dogs are Always Learning

In addition to being a toy, the treat dispenser is a tool that, in turn, becomes an integral part of a dog’s mental and physical wellness. By making dogs use their foraging and hunting instincts to get a meal, each dog mentally and physically works to overcome the challenge posed by the toy.

The mental stimulation from such educational games is so important for both dogs and their owners that it may decrease frustration, boredom and destructive behaviours.

One Example: A pooch can unlock a treat inside a toy that’s been tapered and layered to require some creative problem-solving – for instance, by rolling it through a tube. Or, they might even be able to solve the elaborate conundrum of having to pull a string in a certain way to get the goodies.

This ‘games with rules’ play also provides training, as dogs begin to wait patiently for the desired move, thereby staying calm and keeping themselves in line.

What’s more, these games are especially valuable to dogs who spend much of their time indoors or alone, offering them a fun diversion that might otherwise lead them to destructive boredom.

Essential Supplies: Pet Food

We source foods that provide you with great nourishment to keep your animal fit and able, edibles with supplements for the most pernickety or even specialised diets, and obviously, how could a pet resist treats? 

We are always on the lookout for the highest quality food products as we all know how important any animal's diet is to them being the best they can be.

Our goal is for pet parents to be worry-free, knowing where their pets’ food comes from. They don’t have to ration it or worry about it running out, and they can be confident that it’s made from the highest-quality feedstuffs possible.


We look to source good-quality pet products available at such a reliable level that our pets always have the right food to be in good health. In contrast, their health and safety can always be guaranteed through safe pet accessories and interesting pet toys. We are always on the lookout for new and interesting things to make our Canberran animal community as happy and healthy as it can be. 

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