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Fashion Forward Fidos:

Trendy Dog Clothes and Accessories


While in Canberra, pet owners with a lot of money to throw around are pampering their pets like never before. It’s not just about practical things such as dog beds and leashes any more: now they’re fashionable. Get a load of tuxedos for dogs and designer collars: it’s the newest thing in petcare service.

What will be discussed here is more of an overview of where the market has risen and what it’s like moving forward.

The Rise of Canine Couture

Canberra dog lovers aren’t afraid to paint the town dog. From quirky dog harnesses to snazzy military harnesses, it’s easy to put a jacket on every dog, and you’ll be a hit on every walk of life as you take your dog to the café and out for a block walk.

A Closer Look

The pet fashion industry has been growing rapidly in Australia, and it has witnessed a flourishing development in the dog clothing and accessories segment. Here is a more detailed explanation about the market size and value of it.

In Australia

According to this data, the Australian market size of pet and pet supplies retailers reached AUD 3.7 billion as of 2024, suggesting that there is a large market for pet fashion in the pet care industry.


The pet apparel market alone reached a value of nearly USD 5.85 billion in 2023 and is expected to grow approximately 4.6 per cent annually, reaching just below USD 8.80 billion by 2032.

The increase in the pet fashion market is due to "humanising" pets and treating dogs as family members. More and more pet parents are willing to offer their dogs as much kindness, comfort and personal clothes style as any other family member. In this way, the pet fashion market is growing because of the rapid increase in pet ownership, urbanisation, and a transformation of lifestyle and retail sales channels.

Plenty of Choice

Well, this also includes jackets and sweaters or any other pet clothing that serves the practical purpose of keeping a pet warm in severe weather conditions. 

The rise of luxury pet clothing and the increasing number of sustainable fashion brands that produce clothes for pets are some of the important factors that will boost the pet fashion market in the following years. 

These figures illustrate that the pet fashion industry in Australia, and increasingly globally, has a positive potential. It is a market that is thriving and constantly changing with consumer demands.

Comfort Meets Style

We’re talking comfort here; what is fashion without function? 

For larger breeds in particular, a large dog bed not only functions as a sleeping spot for your pooch, but it’s also a statement piece that screams, ‘I love my dog, and I want them to have the best’. 

And kitties? How can we forget about them? A comfortable cat bed is the best way to let them know they’re special, too. With plenty of options out there, you can get anything from cute and cool to large and fluffy.

Accessorise, Accessorise, Accessorise

Accessories can really make or break an outfit, and by the same token, you can make or break your pet’s look with the right fittings and trimmings. Military dog leashes are durable and ruggedly handsome, and they’re the perfect addition for anybody who has a pooch who gets a little lively on walks. 

Treat-dispensing dog toys are another handy accessory to carry around with you, especially to move their attention to something else if needs be! 

Where to Shop?

If you are in Canberra and looking for these pet supplies, you need to look no further; you’ve found us. We are the top stockist in Canberra for all your furry friend's needs. If you have any questions about anything you can’t find on the website, just give us a call anytime. 


Pet fashion is a big thing in Australia’s capital, Canberra. Pet clothes and accessories are in vogue, and your pet will be highly comfortable and in style. Expect the unexpected from the market through 2024 into 2025. There could be some really functional advancements hitting the market, plus some quite obscure things not for the faint-hearted. So, don’t delay. Give your four-legged friend a wardrobe revamp today to make him or her a hip-hound. Good luck!

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